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Low interest rates have created an environment in which major equity indices and global bond markets have become expensive. The average PE ratio on the S&P 500 is currently 24.85 X PE. (WSJ.com August 19/16 ). Dividends average close to 2% (WSJ.com August 19/16 ) This is far below the historical average, implying that stocks on the major indices are expensive. To make matters worse economic fears such as a reversal in Fed Policy leading to an eventual rise in interest rates has created significant volatility. This expensive and volatile environment has made investing more difficult for the average investor. To achieve results in this environment investors need to pay more attention to income oriented investments that have a lower correlation to the major indices, and they need to hire teams that are skilled in valuing, monitoring and trading their investment portfolio.

Low risk, low volatility portfolios that offer some investments with a low correlation to major indices

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